Brand story:

Kissacai (1982) ,when she was a little girl, she followed her grandpa to the vineyard to learn how to make wine, and loved wine and whiskey. At the age of 10, she began to collect all kinds of wine-related glassware, including wine glasses and decanters, bottle corks, etc..

When she was 18 years old, she began to work closely with her father, and then worked closely with the team of experts, winemakers and staff to take the lead in developing glass collections for specific varieties of wine and whiskey. Through various innovations in production technology, make wine utensils with artistic life.

Kissacai said, “When hobbies and work merge, it must be a very happy thing and make the people around you equally happy.” She hopes that consumers will get the same happiness when they buy the products she develops.

Thus was born our relllastilettodecanter, a 20-year-old brand.


Rellastilettodecanter Has Artistic Life:

We have our own team of art designers, our design philosophy is “unique and pure, every glass product is given life.”

Our Craft:

The pure high-quality lead-free glass is smelted at high temperature, and after continuous polishing, it is refined into individual glass wine utensils. The process of making a complete handmade glass work requires at least 6-7 craftsmen with different skills to participate.

Applicable Scene:

Our Products:


Wine & Whiskey & Spirit Glasses,Beer & Cocktail & Martini Glasses, Champagne Flute & Shot Glasses, Stemmed & Stemless Wine Glasses etc.


Wine & Whiskey & Liquor Decanters, Wine Aerators & Breather Carafe, Personalized Etched Decanters etc.


Milk and Coffee & Mugs & Carafes, Water Glasses & Tumblers etc.


Bar & Wine Accessories,Wine Botter Holders & & Openers & Stoppers & Savers, Wine Pourers, Wine Racks & Storage etc.

Our products are sold well in 28 countries including the United States, Britain, France, Australia, etc. We have our own factories and offline stores.

We can accept product wholesale, if you need it, please contact us via this email [email protected], we will deal with your needs as soon as possible.

This same meticulous process is followed for each and every piece of Rellastilettodecanter  glassware. It’s a time-consuming effort requiring careful hands, an artist’s eye, and profound patience. Fact is, it’s the only way to ensure the superior quality that our valued customers have come to expect… and that we pledge to consistently deliver.

Service Email: [email protected]

Best Regards,
Rellastilettodecanter Team (

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